Call for “milk” from veterinarians


An important warning came from the Turkish Veterinary Medical Association about milk producers in the earthquake region. Explaining that the products of the producers in the region are purchased below the market price, the Union called on the authorities to take precautions.

Turkish Veterinary Medical Association (TVHB) Central Council Management continues its investigations in the provinces affected by the earthquake.

The members of the union, who made investigations in Hatay, found that some intermediaries bought the products of dairy producers below the market price.

It was stated that the milk, which was normally bought for 12 liras, was bought by the intermediaries for 7.5-8 liras.

It was emphasized that the said intermediary firms were trying to take advantage of the difficult situation of the earthquake-affected breeders, and a call was made to the authorities to take action so that the producers would not be harmed.

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