13 EU member countries obtained 1 quarter of their electricity from nuclear power plants


13 member countries of the European Union (EU) realized 25 percent of their electricity production last year through nuclear power plants.

The European Statistical Office has published data on electricity production from nuclear power plants in 2021 by EU member states. Accordingly, a total of 731,701 gigawatt-hours of electricity was produced in nuclear power plants in 13 EU member countries last year. In the said period, electricity production increased by 48,189 gigawatt hours (7 percent) compared to the previous year. Thus, in 2021, the share of nuclear power plants in the total electricity production of EU countries was 25 percent. France produced the most electricity from nuclear power plants among EU countries. 52 percent of the EU’s total electricity production from nuclear power plants originated from France.

HIGHEST PRODUCTION IN FRANCE France obtained 379 thousand 361 gigawatt hours of electricity from nuclear power plants, Germany 69 thousand 130 gigawatt hours, Spain 56 thousand 564 gigawatt hours, Sweden 52 thousand 965 gigawatt hours and Belgium 50 thousand 326 gigawatt hours. During this period, a total of 106 nuclear reactors operated in 13 EU member states. France provided 69 percent of its total electricity production, Slovakia 52 percent, Belgium 51 percent, Romania 19 percent and Germany 12 percent from nuclear reactors. On the other hand, electricity is not produced from nuclear in Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Austria, Poland and Portugal.

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