11 billion lira repayment to the consumer


EMRA announced that 40 companies will repay more than 11 billion liras to consumers under the Maximum Settlement Price Mechanism.

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) announced that an administrative investigation will be launched against 40 companies whose false reports were detected within the scope of the Maximum Settlement Price Mechanism (AUF), and that the companies will reimburse more than 11 billion liras to consumers.

In the statement made by EMRA, it was reminded that the AUF was put into practice for a temporary period on April 1, 2022, in order not to disrupt the supply security of the extraordinary cost increases in the international markets in recent months and to protect the consumers from these cost increases. In the statement, which shared the information that no power plant was shut down in Turkey with the contribution of the mechanism extended for 6 months in October 2022, the following statements were made: “Our institution meticulously monitors price movements in this process, necessary interventions are made within the scope of AUF immediately. Bilateral agreements that were not received were also submitted to EPİAŞ and secured.


At the meeting held on Thursday, our board decided to open an administrative investigation against 40 companies and reimburse 10 billion 208 million 222 thousand 680 liras due to false notifications made to EPİAŞ inadvertently or intentionally within the scope of these agreements. This amount, which exceeds 11 billion liras with its interest, will be directly reflected on our consumers’ bills as a cost reduction due to the nature of the AUF mechanism.

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